Welcome to Parkett Klub!

The Parkett Klub Team

We are a group of students mostly from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. We organize partner dance courses and parties for students and dancelovers. If you have the mood to meet nice girls or handsome guys, to learn how to dance or just to drink a fine cocktail, Parkett Klub is the right place for you to come.

Take the tempo!

Dance parties

We organize four kind of parties on every second Tuesday during the semestre: Salsa, Modern, Rock & Roll and Kavalkad.

Salsa Parties

Salsa dancers at a Parkett Klub Salsa Party

The hottest parties in Parkett Klub! Mainly salsa, bachata and other styles of Carribbean music like son cubano, reggaetón, cha-cha-chá and merengue are played during the party. We start each salsa party with a short intro class, where you can taste one of the dance styles mentioned above.

Modern Parties

West Coast Swing dancers at a Parkett Klub Modern Party

The most modern party in Parkett Klub, when you can dance the favourite dances of Western America and the UK: west coast swing and ceroc to nowaday's pop, dance and R&B hits and a bit of blues and soul. At the beginning of each modern party you can taste west coast swing or ceroc at a short intro class.

Rock & Roll Parties

Boogie-Woogie dancers at a Parkett Klub Rock & Roll Party

Jump, jive and boogie-woogie all the night away to hits of the newest rock & roll bands and the legendary oldies! Occasionally we invite a band to play live music for you! At most of the Parkett Klub Rock & Roll Parties we start with a short intro class of rock & roll or boogie-woogie.

Betyár Parties

Boogie-Woogie dancers at Parkett Klub

At Betyár Parties you can dance to Hungarian folk music. There is a short intro dance class at the beginning of the party.

You can get informed about our parties if you search our calendar for Parkett Klub parties (every second Tuesday).

Dance courses

Dance course at Parkett Klub

We organize dance classes beginning about September and February. You can choose from the following dances at Parkett Klub: salsa, boogie-woogie and west coast swing. You can watch some videos about them at the above links.

In case you have chosen your favourite style, and want to start learning it, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the form below. We will let you know the most important things you have to know to take the tempo!